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I was born in Washington State, but moved with my family as a toddler to Germany.  From first grade to graduation I lived in northern/middle Tennessee.  I moved a little further south to the Nashville area, but after a couple of years I relocated to Dallas, TX with my previous company.  Now I'm rooted in Upstate New York.

In the meantime I've traveled to West Virginia, Georgia, Florida, Nevada, California, Oregon, Colorado, Alaska, Missouri, New Jersey, Indiana, and Maryland.  We do a lot of exploring where we live. In 2009 or so my husband and I indulged in a visit to Lake George, NY. It wasn't that exciting in the winter, but it was a nice base to some great excursions such as the winter tour of Ben and Jerry's in Vermont and a fantastic restaurant called Log Jam Restaurant. We spent some time in the vicinity of Cooperstown in November of 2010, enjoying a fantastic stay at the Stone Rose Bed and Breakfast. Talk about feeling like royalty and all without breaking the bank.

One of our favorite areas is Pennsylvania's Hershey area, including the nearby Kitchen Kettle Village and the Pennsylvania Renaissance Festival.  I've been through more states to get to all of these places, but that would take a lot more time to list!

Outside the U.S. borders, I have enjoyed Niagara Falls and Collingwood in Canada, soaked up the culture of England by traveling across the country and staying in manors and mansions.  I continued this exploration in Scotland and Wales.  After all of that, my next trans-Atlantic adventure was traversing Ireland from West to East, and South to North. 

Later travels took me to Hawaii where my husband and I enjoyed Waikiki, North Shore, and a ton of places in between.   Later still, I ended up on a month-long trip to northern England as part of a Rotary Group Study Exchange (see the Calendar for more links).  And then....well, another day for "and then."

See the GSE 2009 Photo Gallery Page for a few of the hundreds of images I captured that will inspire stories and characters to come. Favorite Things

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