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I once administered and designed Websites as a career, but as the technology changed and people wanted one person to do everything from graphics to CGI scripts to database administration to file architecture, all for one low salary, my interest waned. The final straw was being laid-off by Cornell after working my heart out to give them what the school I was in wanted.

After redesigning Cornell University's School of Electrical and Computer Engineering original Website, I embarked on a mission to transform the presence yet again.   The new site, launched February 2004, was created in conjunction with Ancient Wisdom Productions after a failed attempt with another company.  That was beyond my control.  Now the Website is data-base driven, meaning regular staff members and faculty can edit authorized regions at their leisure.  I've since left that position and have noticed the site is in disarray.  You might be able to teach a dog new tricks, but that doesn't mean he wants to learn them!

I have enjoyed freelancing with select clients. 

I created the Website for a wonderful spa I frequent, Aria on the Avenue, in Endicott, NY.  It started out very basic and is now evolving to more of a marketing piece than simply a meager advertisement.  Time has a way of making all things grow!  In fact, even though I'm not working with Aria anymore, they are up for a complete redesign.

Although it was mostly created through pre-existing templates, I also had my own Tupperware site.  It is interesting to see how what you write has a big impact on the Website, even if you don't control every aspect of the Website.  I stopped using that Website before I quit selling because I didn't feel I was getting the appropriate return on my monthly investment.

Another time, I picked up another client inadvertently.  You never know what will happen when you mention what you do for a living in public.  For those who are interested in holistic health care and alternate or supplemental treatments for medical conditions, see the One Healthy Life Website.  Its "final" launch was November 2003 and has since been in the capable hands of the business owners.

In December 2004, I was notified that the Newark Valley Historical Society had chosen me to redesign its Website.  I completed that in 2005.  The group now has its own domain name so interested parties have an easy URL to remember.  The site was being hosted off another group's domain name.  Please enjoy perusing the Newark Valley Historical Society Website.

Now I only help as needed with training or technical questions. Favorite Things

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