I only include a few samples so that there are no copyright complications when I submit my otherwise unpublished work for pay.

After being a playtester in the Relic realm of Suzerain, a setting using Mojo Rules! by Savage Mojo (formerly Talisman Studios), I got the chance to write for the company. One of my game groups tested a published adventure toolkit (AKA module), Bitter Fumes. Afterwards, Savage Mojo offered me the contract to write the next adventure toolkit, The Ratten Wakes. I subsequently wrote Return of the Ratten, which was to be the final book in a set of three books. There had been tentative plans to link it to another trilogy, which was unwritten and would have taken place in the earlier age. I finished The Ratten Wakes in September of 2009, but both projects were killed after the core rules retooling was also killed as the company shifted away from its own rules and onto another, Savage Worlds.

While working on those projects, I took on a co-writing project with Steve DeanCaladon Falls, using the Suzerain Universe with Savage Worlds’ game rules. Eventually, it was largely reworked, but we still set the groundwork for the volume it became. I also got my first proofreading credit in the RPG industry for the portions I covered in Town by Lisa J. Steele. I continue to write short stories, short shorts, poems, random acts of babbling, and slowly, ever so slowly, progress Shadowline, a fantasy novel I started more than a handful of years ago. Eventually I’ll finish it.

Since those items, my husband and I launched Obatron Productions, originally focused on creating a tribal fantasy world, Tunse’al. That expanded to take over Savage Insider, which I helped launch and run for the first couple of years. It’s been on the back burner now for more years than it was active, but it has not been forgotten and, despite appearance to the contrary, is not dead. We also created a supernatural fantasy setting, Retribution, which is going to finally get printed by January 2021.

Previously, Savage Mojo had a few things to say about my efforts. See their comments on my page off the Mojo Family page. You can keep an eye on the Suzerain Mojo Rules development blogand the Savage Worlds Suzerain development blog, too! And if you don’t know what an RPG is, see the entry for RPG at Wikipedia and related information on my gaming page.

Related, but more distant:

I completed a bound volume, Feathered Time, for consideration for exhibit in the Cornell Council for the Arts Foundation’s Emerging Artists Exhibition scheduled for September 2004.  While my work was not chosen, I plan to publish anthology of fantasy poems and short stories after I get it polished up under our Obatron Fiction division. Additionally, Foreshadows of Another Life, which has been waiting a couple of years, is also in the works.

Fantasy Poetry

    Waters Deep

Fantasy Short and Short Short Stories

    Autumn Ending

    Alakamaarian Knights


    The Ruling of Ezrod

Novel Synopses


Others will be added as it makes sense to do so.

Resources (links will open new windows)

  • www.writersmarket.com – offers a searchable database of potential publications, agents, and more

  • www.writersonlineworkshops.com – a variety of workshops to improve your writing and career

  • www.writersdigest.com – offers articles and insight about the writing craft

  • www.writers.net – puts you in touch with other writers, editors, agents, and publishers through articles and chats

  • www.dictionary.com – type in a word and this site cross-references multiple dictionaries to bring you pronunciation, part of speech, definition, origin, AND real-life quotes illustrating the usage of the word in question; cross-links to sites for translations, writing tools, and more; also has a paid service with additional features

  • www.thesaurus.com – one of the cross-linked sites from dictionary.com, this tool is an abbreviation of Roget’s; it’s great for quick-hits and common words, but there are tools in the print version that can’t be beat…yet

  • www.amazon.com – to order those necessary printed items that you can’t find in entirety online, like Roget’s Thesaurus

  • www.barnesandnoble.com – in case you prefer B & N

  • www.borders.com – for those who favor Borders

  • www.xlibris.com – if  you don’t want to put your writing aspirations in the hands of an overworked editor, Xlibris offers an alternative: print on demand.  This is NOT a vanity press where in order to get published you have to buy books and attempt to sell them.  See the site for full details and special offers.  This is also great for people who just want to publish something for themselves or family and friends.

  • www.chicagomanualofstyle.org – when you just can’t quite decide what the rule or guideline is for a stylistic issue

  • www.longridgewritersgroup.com – when what you really want is a class to teach you the basics of breaking into print